Saturday, 21 May 2011

F.M.P How are stories created?

For my final major project i decided to extend a brief i done way back in pathway. The brief was the 50 drawing one.
I decided i would do something similat ot this as it was my favourite brief i done in foundation. I really like creativty and
way you had to think on your feet on what you would do next to a piece or what it could become. It had great sustainablity
and this was a vital ingrediant for final major project which lasts 10 weeks!!

I decided to look at how stories are created. So i took the idea of the box of items and asked my classmates to put a random object into the box in which at the end of the collection round i had to create a story out of these objects. I done this because i beleived that if i had chosen the objects, knowing me i would have deliberatley picked certain things that would go together making my life easier!! but by asking other people it made the project more interesting and unknown.


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